LS VISION 4K 8MP Dual Lens Solar Camera 10X/4X Zoom 4G SIM/WIFI Security Outdoor Camera Humanoid Tracking Color Night Vision Cam




Fature :
1. 4K dual lens wifi solar powered battery floodlight PTZ camera
2. WIFI 2.4GHz , IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
3. Pan&Tilt:Pan 355 degree&Tilt 90 degree
4. 5 watt solar panel,built-in 20000mAh batteries
5. Two-way voice intercom
6. Cloud storage and TF card storage maximum 128G(without TF card)
7. Support Android, IOS APP remote viewing/playback (APP:NiView)
8.PIR + humanoid detection wake-up video recording and message push
9. 24 hours recording, 24 hours + trigger recording, trigger recording three working modes
10.2.5mm wide-angle lens + 5-50mm 10x optical zoom lens,Seeing clearly from far and near
11.Support motion detection, humanoid detection, humanoid automatic tracking,video 3D positioning
12. Waterproof grade IP66
WIFI version:
1.Need to use wifi network to connect the device. Only supports 2.4GHz, does not support 5GGHz WIFI. 4G SIM card is not supported.
2. There is no need to connect the power cord, and there is no need to arrange the network cable.
3.IP wifi security solar outdoor camera is powered by solar panel, built-in battery to save power, energy saving and environmental protection, can be installed in any place (requires Wifi network), such as garden, doorstep, garage, etc.
4G version:
1.Our camera only uses 4G SIM card and does not support connecting to 3G/GSM/home WiFi. No need for network LAN cable, no need to set up wifi,no need to connect power wires.
2. The camera is mainly used in an environment without a network, without power supply, but with a SIM cardmobile signal, and in a sunny place. You need to put the SIM card into the camera and connect to the network through the SIM card.
3. The solar camera does not support connecting to the router to access the Internet.
4. It supports mobile apps, iOS and Android systems.
Important reminder:
If you choose to buy a 4G camera, we will adjust the 4G network frequency band according to your address. If you have any special requirements, please note or leave us a message. Thanks!
5 watt solar panel,built-in 20000mAh batteries
Under the same light conditions, 6 watt high power solar panels can convert solar energy into electricity faster. We are equipped with 20000 mA high-capacity rechargeable battery, can store more electricity, use more durable, thus ensuring that the camera will continue to work even at night when there is no light and on rainy days.
Full HD 4MP+4MP video quality
Dual cameras monitoring.One camera for Wide angle global monitoring,One camera for PTZ detailed.Our camera adopts 4K (8MP) HD image quality, higher vertical resolution, higher level of detail, clearer display, cleaner and more delicate, more immersive feeling, can effectively solve the need for high-definition picture quality and light complex places of surveillance needs.
Humanoid Tracking
When a human moves in front of the cctv camera, this security camera will pan or tilt following the movement. This security camera never let you miss any important moments.
Full Color Night Vision Mode
The advantage of the full color camera is its powerful night vision effect, even in no illumination, but also at all times to present color 4MP image. The full color night vision mode is equipped with a floodlight to provide illumination for our return home. Floodlights are only triggered at night when the PTZ wifi camera detects the movement of people or cars.
Multiple Modes
The camera has 3 working states:
Normal: Device standby work, mobile alarm activation, remote access activatied.
Adaptive: When the power of the device is more than 50%, it works all time, and when the power is below 45%,it works on standby.
All time:The device is turned on at all times, please make sure the device is connected to the power supply
Dual Linkage, Intelligent Anaysis
Analytical positioning,automatic tracking and zooming
Pan:355° Tilt:90°
You will get a security camera with Multiple Preset Points set, which will make the IP camera quickly locate the preset points, meanwhile the zoom lens status can be saved during the preset.
4X/10X Optical Zoom
Multiple options, choose what you need
Two-way audio and sharing
We can always talk to the person appearing in the camera via security cameras wireless outdoor, or share the wifi camera outdoor to family or friends via APP, supporting multiple people to control the solar security camera at the same time. Perfect for installation in yards, garages, swimming pools, etc. for easy observation and recording.
Waterproof IP66
The security outdoor camera is equipped with an IP66 rated weatherproof housing, designed to operate the PTZ CCTV
camera even in extreme weather conditions.
* The surveillance camera shell is made of high quality plastic material, which is waterproof
* IP66 design shell can prevent dust and splash water in (make sure all cover is used in correct position)
Easy to Install and Use
Wall and ceiling mount options for a variety of scenarios

Q : Does the surveillance camera support 24-hour continuous recording?
A : Yes, it is supported, but not recommended, it will consume more and more power.
Q: What apps does it work with on Android?
A: APP:NiView
Q: Can CCTV cameras use 4G SIM and WiFi at the same time?
A : No, the WI-FI version is only available for WiFi connection. 4G version only works on 3g/4G network via SIM card.
Q : Dose this solar camera include battery?
A :Yes,Included battery, built-in 3 high-capacity batteries, non-removable.
Technical Analysis
1.Q:Will the camera show red lights when night vision is activated?
A: The builtin infrared leds make the camera only show some dim red lights when night vision is activated,but the image quality is still clear under no light environment.
2. Q: What is the longest recording time?
A: The camera has three working modes.The default mode is low power consumption mode. When someone passes by, the camera will automatically start recording for 15 seconds. When the person is in the monitoring range, the camera will keep recording. The built-in battery of the camera can work for 6000 wake-ups, and the solar energy supplements 250 wake-ups per hour. In theory, it can be used all the time. The second mode is the adaptive mode. When the battery is above 50%, the camera will record 24 hours. When the power is below 45%, the low-power workingmode is turned on. When someone passes by, the camera will automatically start recording for 15 seconds.
When the person is in the monitoring range, the camera will keep recording. The third mode is the full-time
mode. In this mode, a continuous power supply is required. At full power, if there is no power supply, it can
only work for 36 hours.
3. Q:How to check the video playback?
A: Click the video playback button on the homepage of the pull-up control menu ,select memory card playback
or cloud storage playback.
4. Q: What will happen when the memory card runs out of space?
A:The oldest footage will be overwritten by the latest one. Please back up the important videos timely or delete
the unnecessary videos to release more space. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a cloud plan.
5. Q: How many cameras can I connect to the same account?
A: You can add 50 cameras, but we recommend adding up to 10 devices for a better experience.
6. Q: Why can’t I receive the push notifications on the mobile device?
A: Make sure you have allowed NiView App to push notifications to your mobile device.
7. Q: How many accounts can a camera share with?
A: 8 accounts
13.Q:What should I do if the optical zoom lens is out of focus?
A:In this case, the lens is out of focus due to changes in the environment. Please go to the PTZ control interface, turn the viewing angle
to the farthest reference object, click the zoom calibration button”” and wait for 1 minute.
14.Q:What should I do when the PTZ lens tracks the human form, the tracking is not accurate and complete?
Please click the linkage calibration button at the top right of the homepage””,the upper and below lenses will recalibrate the linkage

About Shipping
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About Our Brand
LS VISION, is a full HD Video Surveillance Solutions Supplier.
it was awarded the title of “China High-Tech Enterprises”.
Combined with Monitoring Hardware and Software Equipment, for the Global User to Provide Security, Intelligent Home Products Solution and Services.
The company is committed to the Smart Security, Smart Medical and Smart Home Industry.
LS VISION Core Value: “Quality, Innovation, Dedication”.
LS VISION Mission: “For a Better World”.

Additional information

Power Supply


Supported Mobile Systems

IOS, Android

Alarm Action

FTP Photo, Email Photo, Local Alarm

Viewing Angle


Lens (mm)

2.5 mm



Signal System




Focal Length



Side, Ceiling, Normal


Infrared, Pan / Tilt / Zoom

Model Number


Brand Name



Mainland China



Smart home platform


Rechargeable Battery:

built-in 20000mAh batteries



Two-way voice intercom

humanoid detection

24 hours recording,

24 hours trigger recordin

2.5mm wide-angle lens

4X/10x optical zoom len

.Support motion detection

Waterproof grade IP66

Feature 1


Feature 2

Surveillance cameras with wifi

Feature 3

camera security

Feature 4

Video surveillance outdoor

Feature 5

Wireless outdoor camera

Feature 6

4g security camera

Feature 7

surveillance cameras with outdoor wifi 4k

Feature 8

solar powered camera

Feature 9

solar surveillance camera

Feature 10

4g sim surveillance


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