8MP PTZ 4K IP Camera Optical Zoom Color Night POE IMX415 Security CCTV Audio Video Surveillance Hikvision Compatible RSTP




What is a PTZ security camera?
Monitoring a large area comes with its share of obstacles. Usually, they require several security cameras to ensure proper coverage. a PTZ security camera such as this, however, can overcome many of these issues. With its ability to pan left and right, tilt up and down, and zoom in incredibly close thanks to a 30X optical zoom lens, this PTZ camera can do it all. This camera also features vivid 4K resolution recording, along with a fully weatherproof exterior for year-round protection.
An Incredible Sony IMX415 8MP 4K Ultra HD PTZ Camera
The Newest SONY IMX415 Sensor brings you the ultimate 4K experience and captures more details, especially in low light,With a high resolution of 8megapixels (3840 x 2160), this 8MP HD IP surveillance camera is able to capture videos in 3840p HD quality. It is a huge advancement compared to 720p HD or 1080p Full HD. you never miss a single detail of your loved ones. which enables you to see all objects very clearly.
Enhanced Security Monitoring with HDR
Your security camera uses HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology that works to ensure you capture the most important details, regardless of lighting conditions. Dynamic range is measured as the difference between the brightest point and the darkest point of the video. HDR technology uses this difference to automatically adjust the picture’s brightness, resulting in optimized, highly-detailed security video
3DNR Enhanced Clarity in Low-Light Situations
Your camera uses DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) technology to filter out noise from low-light settings as well any noise caused by motion. By eliminating graininess, your camera provides a cleaner, more accurate image with better clarity, sharpness, and improved motion detection, enhancing your HD experience even in the dark! Not only does DNR reduce noise, but it reduces video file sizes as well, giving you greater disc space for storage.
Cutting-Edge H.265 Video Compression
The H.265 coding standard enables you to record up to 4 times longer than H.264 with the same HDD. At the same bandwidth, it not only clearer and smoother video transmits,but also saves more disk storage space,thus saves a large amount of money for you.
30X Zoom (12X Optical Zoom+18X Digital zoom)
30x optical motorized zoom enables you to zoom in to see more details of far-away objects without impairing image quality or zoom out to get a wider and larger view (36°~100°). Control the 30x zoom rotating through the NVR PC ,and ,Smartphone .
Powerful 360˚ endless Pan, 90˚ Tilt,
This camera is able to capture videos in 8MP super HD quality, sharper & clearer pictures; and it is capable of rotating 360˚ horizontally 90˚vertically, covering wider areas only with one camera, and no blind spot left.
Two Way Audio
Built-in advanced microphone & speaker and with anti noise technology for a clear voice communicating between the APP and camera, the camera allows you remote access to communicate with welcomed guests,or scare off intruders while you are not at home,The microphone will capture the sounds around the camera, providing you with additional information (and evidence, if needed) to your security.
Smart IR-Cut Full Color Night Vision
Day Vision, Night Vision, Full Color Night Vision Three Night Modes For You To Select.This PTZ camera has an incredible IR night vision range up to 330ft (100m) in total darkness. Furthermore, adding additional lighting around the camera will automatically trigger our revolutionary Color Night Vision(CNV) technology. This important feature will add an additional level of visual information that can help identify people or objects and increase contrast for easier detection and recognition
Smart AI Humanoid alert
When person come into the camera area, activated LED will turn white and the camera image will be color.
Motion Detection Microphone Audio Alarm
The ip camera has professional humanoid detection and motion detection functions, which can adjust the detection area or sensitivity, which can effectively reduce false alarms. When the detected person enters the video area, the camera will automatically track and send the real-time video/snapshot to your mobile phone, while the security camera’s red and blue indicator lights flash and accompanied by a sound warning to scare off the intruder.
Auto Tracking Human Detection
AI-powered Human Detection + Motion Detection + Auto Track. This Alarm Camrea is equiped with leading AI (Artificial intelligence) and Computer Vision technology, it can find a person in the video and automatically follow the movement, meanwhile auto zoom in/out and incorporating the auto-focus to get the clear image.
Smart Person/Vehicle Detection
By analyzing person and vehicle shapes on board, ASECAM Camera can distinguish person and vehicle from other objects. It frees your mind by offering accurate detection and greatly reducing the false alarms on trivial objects’ movements.
Support 128GB SD Card Slot
The SD card will record when motion detection is triggered. The camera supports pre-record and post-record. When the SD card is full, it will automatically cover the old video.(Not Include SD Card)
Easy access via free Mobile Device APP & PC Software
When you go outside,you needn’t to worry about your property security. By using this camera system,you can remote view live video simultaneously at anytime, anywhere with wifi/4G on smartphone/iPad/PC. With the free app Watch live streams and view playbacks instantly, helping you stay informed whenever, wherever.
Support Cruise Zoom
Support 8 Preset Points, Zoom Lens Status Can Be Saved During The Preset
Weatherproof camera built for any climate
Use them as outdoor cameras or indoor cameras as they are built tough to withstand whatever the weather throws at them: rain, snow, dust and hot days. With IP66 weatherproof rating and cables threaded through the stand for extra protection ensure you can rely on their performance, day in, day out..
PoE – Easy Setup, Plug & Play
A real plug and play security system! It features PoE (Power over Ethernet), with a single cable connecting each IP camera to the NVR for both power supply and video signal transmission. Easy wiring – the wiring process can’t be simpler for DIY enthusiasts and beginners.
Compatible with Hikvision NVR Agreement ,Plug&Play with ASECAM NVR
Supports ONVIF protocol,you could easy to connect with Hikvision,Dahua,ect products,, it`s connectable to third party video recorders. In order to give full play to the functional advantages of the camera,Connected with a Router you could also View in your phone,P2P functions, keep yourself every seconds to know what happening in your home.
Use our NVR Work 8MP 4K for 24/7 Reliable Recording
If you have multiple IP cameras or if you want 24/7 recording, a POE NVR is your best choice. The NVR works perfectly and efficiently with the cameras for round-the-clock monitoring and recording for your home & business security and surveillance.
Product Included:
8MP 4K/5MP POE PTZ Camera *1
Wall Bracket *1
Screw *1
Waterproof connector *1
User Manual &CD (Online)*1

8MP:SONY IMX415 Sensor 20FPS
5MP:SONY IMX335 Sensor 25FPS
Real test pictures from our Customer:
ASECAM SONY IMX415 PTZ CAMERA Our customer test picture
Frequently Asked Questions:
1.Why can’t I open the default IP address via web browser?
The camera is working in DHCP mode by default, it will obtain the IP settings from router automatically . Please install the IP search tool to find the camera’sIP address. Camera IP address will be if no router in the LAN.

2.How to reset the password?
The default Username: admin, Password: 123456. If you lost the password or would to reset the camera’s setting, please install the search tool to search the camera IP and click Reset factory button.

3.How to upgrade the IP camera?
1)Ask the supplier for the suitable firmware, 2) you can use the web browser, search tool, or PC client to upgrade the camera, 3) go to the Configuration > System > update, click browse and select the firmware, then click Upgrade button and wait for the operation to complete.

4.How to fetch the RTSP video stream and http snapshot?
1)VLC test Main Stream: rtsp://admin:123456@IP:554/stream0
2)VLC test Sub Stream: rtsp://admin:123456@ IP:554/stream1
3)Low resolution snapshot: //IP/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?stream=1
4)HD snapshot : //IP/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?stream=0 (some models support)

5.Why does the NVR not show image after adding IP camera?
1)Make sure you selected the right protocol and enter the correct username and password when adding the cameras
2)Make sure the NVR and IP camera are the same IP subnet.(eg.NVR:192.168.1 .x, and IP camera:192.168.1.y)
3)Try changing the camera encode mode to H.264 if the NVR can’t support H.265. (Configuration -> Camera -> Video > Encode mode: H.264)

6.How to make the NVR record in motion detection mode?
1)add the IP camera via ONVIF protocol
2)change the NVR record mode to Motion Detection mode
3)check the NVR screen MD icon and try playback Please refer to your NVR manual for NVR motion record option.

7.Which kinds of third-party security software can be compatible with?Milestone, Avigilon, Pel co VxToolbox, Blue Iris, iSpy, Synology, Digifort

Additional information

AI Functions

Smart Tracking

Shell Material


Color Night Vision


IP Rating


App name



Indoor and Outdoor

Movement Range(Tilt)


Movement Range(Pan)


Digital Zoom


Optical Zoom




TF Card


Power Supply

With POE




Ceiling, Embedded, Side, Normal, Wall Mounted, Pendant Mount, Vertical Pole Mount, Corner Mount





Audio Output

Two Way Audio

Viewing Angle


Video Compression Format

H.264, H.265

IR Distance(m)


Power Supply(V)

Max 30w

Alarm Action

FTP Photo, telefon Alarm, Local Alarm

Supported Mobile Systems

Windows Mobile, Android, IOS

Sensor Brand


Special Features

Waterproof / Weatherproof



Model Number

Hikvision Compatible

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Lens (mm)

4~90mm lens


IP/Network Wired

High Definition

8.0 Megapixels


Dome Camera

Brand Name



Mainland China



Smart home platform

Other, NONE

Housing Material

Aluminum-alloy Metal




Metal, IP67 Waterproof

View of Angle

68.5 (Wide)~4.2 (Tele)

Compatible with the agreement




Two-way Audio

SD Card Slot

8MP Sensor


Hikvision Agreement

Perfect compatibility


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